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Insulation Grants


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Save money on expensive repairs for inefficient boilers by taking advantage of the government’s ECO4 Scheme. Start enjoying improved energy efficiency in your home and lower heating bills with a free grant for a new boiler provided by the government’s ECO4 program. We offer free grants for new boilers and replacements for boilers that are older than 2005.

Boiler Grant

Government Grants Available

Reduce the energy efficiency of your home

There are government scheme grants available for the replacement of inefficient old boilers and the installation of new energy-saving boilers. The grant is currently available to both homeowners and private tenants. Provided that either are receiving a qualifying benefit, tax allowance, or tax credit. The saving is for the full cost of the boiler and installation. cost of the boiler and installation.

Free Boiler Grants

Our service totally free, you don’t need to lift a finger! Our team will organize your grant and new boiler installation from start to finish. All installations are carried out by certified & fully accredited home heating experts.

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